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About Dr. Semer

Nadine Semer MD, MPH, FACS

I am a board certified general surgeon and plastic surgeon practicing in Los Angeles, California who has actively incorporated overseas volunteer medical work into my practice. For almost a decade I had the opportunity to volunteer my skills in rural South Africa ( for month long missions at an orthopedics hospital where I was the only plastic surgeon for a population of over five million people.

Now I want to broaden my work and join efforts towards building surgical capacity in low income countries. To this end I have worked with an NGO who trains community workers living along the Thailand/Burma border, emergency trauma skills ( Last year, a few months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I spent a few weeks at a field hospital outside of Port au Prince ( At the behest of a donor organization, I had the opportunity to spend a month in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo- doing an assessment of their obstetric fistula repair capabilities. My hope is to return to the eastern DRC to work at the provincial hospital to help train surgery residents in plastic surgery techniques.

I also serve as a moderator of the Global Health Delivery Project’s Global Surgery and Anesthesia Community and have recently self-published a children’s book about South Africa.

My experiences prompted the writing and publishing of the book Practical Plastic Surgery for Non-surgeons to help explain plastic surgical concepts and procedures to providers with limited surgical expertise. This companion website aims to reach a larger global health audience. I’d like this site to be a collaborative effort between myself and visitors to the site. So please provide me with feedback on topics you’d like to see covered, as well as suggestions on how to improve the site to meet your needs.

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